Saturday, 10 March 2012

Yarn From Turkey

I have been increasing my stash whilst I have not been blogging. My friend Sue introduced me to Ice Yarns that come from Turkey. She is an avid fan of them and whilst I had looked at the site the cost of the postage had put me off ordering. I have bought quite a few lots of Ice Yarns but through EBay. I decided to take the plunge and order direct as there were certain colours in certain yarns that I wanted. The plain colours at the front of the photo are the Ice yarns. I have 2 packs of each colour but only put one of each on the photo. The yarn cost me around £40 and the postage just slightly less than that which sounds a lot of money but when I divided it up per ball (60 balls)  the yarn has only cost me £1.35p a ball. The parcel actually came to me faster than the sale yarns at the back of the photo that I ordered from Abakhan! Abakhan has a free postage deal for March if you order £35+ of yarn.

I went into hospital for day surgery on my left  knee last week. I was able to watch the op on a camera which was all a bit surreal. The upshot of the the op is that when they looked inside the knee there was nothing much that they could do as I need a new knee on the left leg sometime in the next few months.

I am slowly losing a bit of weight. Not that I am actually dieting but with this diabetes I am watching what I am eating. Something that I haven't done in a while. I guess it took being diagnosed with diabetes to shake me up into this. I have only lost a few pounds so far but it's a step in the right direction. I know that if I consciously diet then I cheat. This way I don't feel like I am dieting, I am just being more careful.

This is a new crochet book that I ordered as I liked the top on the front cover. A few days after it arrived my copy of this arrived

Have you spotted what is inside? Yes the pattern for the top on the front cover of the Rowan book. Ah well. There is another couple of patterns in the Rowan book that could come in useful.

I have also got a copy of the Double Stitch Twins Fashionista book. This book is the reason why I needed the silky crepe effect yarn that I got from Ice. I am making a couple of tops from that book for a neighbour.

I had a visit from my friend Sylvia and she asked if I would make a new  bonnet for her current foster  baby. As this Sirdar pattern was for 3 months and the baby is 9 months I decided to use a bigger hook. As you can see this bonnet will fit the  baby when she goes to school. I am going to try again ,with a different baby pattern that is for a 9 month baby, and then I can follow the pattern. This bonnet has come out really pretty and I will make it again some day. I just don't like making 2 of the same one after the other.

I have finished a crochet jacket for my younger niece's baby. I thought that it was coming out big but I carried on as the jacket is worked from side to side and difficult to size. When I came to look at the pattern the first size is 9-12 months and not newborn as I had thought. I carried on and finished it as babies do grow and it will fit him in the Autumn. I will take a photo of it before I pack it away.

I still haven't finished off the machine knitted maternity sweater for my niece. Whilst my knee is fine when I am sitting down doing my crochet it still hurts too much to be bent up underneath the knitting machine. It's a pity really as I am doing another craft fair at the end of March. I have plenty of things for my stall but I did want some finer items as it is coming Spring even though it is still quite cold. I still need to crochet some small things for the stall.

Time for a shower as my elder niece is calling to turn me back into a blonde once again sometime today. I have lots of housework to do but just cannot drum up any enthusiasm for that.

Have a good weekend folks.


Anonymous said...

Hi from United States. I have just discovered your blog and am thrilled. I too am just retired. I too have health problems I am dealing with right now. And I too am addicted to crochet. It is so nice to "meet" someone with a similar life and begin to become friends. Have a blessed day. Can't wait to "hear" what is happening next in your life. Thanks for sharing.......Opal

DaCraftyLady Debb said...

really like the shell pattern too...cute books and I also love the colors. I love crochet.