Saturday, 8 October 2011

Machine Knitted Shawlette

I have been experimenting with machine knitting part of a shawlette and then crocheting around the edge. My crochet buddy Sue has been waiting patiently for me to press it out and take a photo. So these are for you Sue.

This first shawl came out a bit long and narrow but now I know what my machine can turn out I will change the increasing and decreasing for next time. It is worked corner to corner, First increasing every 4th row to the centre and then decreasing every 4th row. The wool was an antique cone of Argyll Neopolitan from eBay which has a cotton content and also has loops of the white cotton, which you may be able to see, giving it a slightly rough texture rather than a smooth one. My next aim is to sort out the lace carriage as I have quite a few fine machine cones in plain colours which would look better with a bit of interest in the centre V rather than plain stocking stitch.

Ooh naked dolls. These are for an idea of mine for the Christmas stall. I have got quite a few knit and crochet patterns for the teenage dolls (there are 12 of them) and I am sure that I can adapt something for the smaller dolls. The crochet finger puppets are another idea for using scraps of yarn.

More Ice bargains from eBay. The one on the left with Merino in it will probably be a crocheted shawl. The one on the right is called Sausage. It has a very thin black thread with sausages of pink and lilac fluffy bits. Not sure what that will turn into as yet.

More books and magazines. The Austentatious book is based on the crochet fashions that Jane Austen would have worn but with a modern twist of course. The middle book is a baby book that is plainer than the frilly matinee patterns that I  have. I hope to make something out of it for new baby Gracie when I get the time.

The pattern on the left is a booklet that came all the way from the USA via eBay. The pattern on the front cover is the nicest one in the book though. The cabled headband pattern is one that I bid for on eBay.

I think that the motif on the front of this jacket is pretty and unusual.

A knitted beret , as a change from crochet. This also came from a vintage hat pattern from eBay.

I used the basic turban pattern from Drew Emborsky for this headband. Mine didn't look too great when I gathered the front up as per the pattern so I crocheted a tiny strip to go over this to neaten it up. It looks great on the pattern and I am sure that it will on most people. I look like a land army girl about to go and dig some potatoes when I try it on. Or an old washerwoman. All that is missing is the pinny.

This is a headband that I adapted from a crocheted edging in a very old crochet book. I threaded maroon satin ribbon through and have  finished it off with 2 buttons at the back. If the band stretches with wash and wear then the buttons can be sewn in a different place,

The hat pattern was from a vintage crochet pattern from eBay and the flower came from Ravelry. I decided to put the row of brown around the edge of the cream flower to make it more of a match for the hat.

Today I am going to try some wristbands and a small handbag from patterns that I bought from Etsy. I will show you them when I have finished. Once again they are multi coloured and so will be great patterns for using up odds and ends.

I also bought 3 solid brown plastic alice bands and 6 covered hair bobble elastics whilst I was out shopping. I have ideas for covering them with crochet and adding flowers.


Anonymous said...

You are one busy girl, Jan. Wow! I love everything you have done. Your ideas are great!

FoFo said...

You have been very busy! Can't wait to see what you make with the new patterns.

CrochetBlogger said...

Nice combo of knit and crochet going on in your creative world right now!

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is ok and your just busy. Miss you.